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Effective Leadership: good expertise and best practise II

(Leadership Advanced) With Maja Schellhorn
Wann 27.04.2018
von 09:30 bis 17:30
Wo Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, building 103, second floor
Teilnehmer Training
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Goals:  What counts are the results. Therefore good leadership practise starts with a reflection on what should be the specific effects and the outcome of your leadership action in a given context. The success of leadership depends on four aspects, that have to be kept in a well balanced correlation: the personality of the leader, the specific task and the specific situation, the team (qualification and motivation) and the system (organisation or company and its culture).

Crucial to effective leadership is not, how you are, but what you do in given situation and context. That means: Leadership can be learned. And in fact: It requires constant trial and learning.

This workshop provides a setting for sharing expertise and good practise, referring to the specific challenges the participants face in their daily business.

In order to define the most relevant thematic focus for the workshop the participants are asked to answer some questions in advance.