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What the mentees say - Comments from current and previous participants


  • "Especially, coming from a man dominated work field, being surrounded by peer women that openly share their experiences and let you have part of their often so similar thoughts but also worries, is a great enrichment to me!"
  • "kite - brighter future. It is worth joining!"
  • "Eye-opening courses, friendly atmosphere, very well organized events!"
  • "If you are in doubt of what to do after your PhD studies - joining kite-mentoring program is the best solution to find out. Many events, workshops and courses will help you to make up your mind and to find great collegues. "
  • "I am impressed with the openness, honesty and friendly atmosphere among the mentees. This makes it easy for you to feel comfortable and open yourself to the others."
  • "Through kite I can participate in workshops given by high-profile coaches (such as Peter Modler) that I would never otherwise go to, let alone pay for them. So far I've found the trainings very good."
  • "Contact with the other women helps me with the downs of my PhD. This network gives me something back that charges me with energy."
  • "kite is a perfect opportunity to share experience with young female scientists who are at the same point in their careers."
  • "Participation in kite helped me understand of what is important in choosing a career."
  • "It is much clearer to me what are my abilities thanks to the courses and the kite exchange."
  • "kite has given me new ideas in terms of career!"

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